"Growth is incomplete without Education, Education is incomplete without Employment & Employment is incomplete without Skill development…"

Our Initiatives / Empowerment

Education : Rural & Semi urban Segments

It is not only the good initiatives but also the continuation of such initiatives for longer period of times with active and conscious participation by people, will have potential to bring far reaching changes in life style of rural and semi urban people. We strongly believe that empowerment is the key element, which sets in the process of systemic development. It provides multiple options with improvement in the delivery efficiency of various ongoing activities and helps rural youth in exercising options in deciding various education and job opportunities in the future.

SREE foundation has taken initiatives to empower people with timely and quality distribution of information connected with various welfare and development schemes. An effective Health support services also greatly contributes towards empowerment of people. SREE foundation has also taken initiative to support and strengthen the management of rural health services in few pockets. Our national level expert members from Medical services are also formulating proposals to revive the ineffective existing health facilities & infrastructure in few of the villages with consultancy & support services to local stakeholders.