"Growth is incomplete without Education, Education is incomplete without Employment & Employment is incomplete without Skill development…"
Guidance for Education & Empowerment
  • We walk with them

    They don’t walk alone, we walk with them, we think with them, we dream with them, we work with them to realize our national dream.

  • Empowering rural youths, Empowering India

    Empowering rural youths, Empowering India by channelizing sense & pride of freedom to rural & semi urban areas for national development.

  • Working to meet your aspirations

    Working to meet aspirations of young boys and girls to orient & integrate their skill, understanding & knowledge with training.

Welcome to SreeFoundation.org

About Us

We are an organization started by a group of experienced professionals with long, varied & rich working experience in different government & private sectors. We have members from different parts of country, bringing together a variety of experience, knowledge and wisdom, which eventually strengthens the society to achieve its objectives.

Society for Rural Education and Empowerment has distinguished Members from different backgrounds, right from engineers, doctors, business executives, teachers, home makers and economist to retired senior armed force officers with advisory support from professor of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

We are committed to transform our learning & knowledge in valuable & efficient practices to empower the rural and semi-urban population of the country through skill up gradation, focused education and new research initiatives so that they can sustain themselves economically while playing a significant and enduring role in the society.


Recent Work

Rural Education

It is not only the education but the outcome of education in empowering rural people is what we are focusing for .

Rural Empowerment

It is not only the good initiatives but also the continuation of such initiatives for longer period of times with active and conscious participation by people.

Expert Consultancy

SREE foundation has number of expert members with long and valuable experience in managing various government processes in different area of responsibilities.

Online Registrations

Now you can fill the form online and register for counselling .

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